Welcome at the Vulcan armoury pages

Few years ago we have started with hobby called historical reenactement(or as we call it in Czech republic – historical fencing), mainly the era of high middle ages. Soon, the necessity of having an plate armour and equipment typical for this times appeared. After a few failures at the beginning we made some stuff which could be considered as an functional armour. We have started making for our friends and experiences came rapidly to us. At the beginning we were working without fire, „in a cold way“ as we said, but the forge tempted us more and more, because it seems to be the best way for our progress. We want to thank to Mr. Petr Svoboda who helped us very much in our beginnings.

This armoury has been founded in 2010 and so the photos on these pages are from this date to present.

                                                                  Michal Svoboda, Martin Fejt
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